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Joy Garden Creative Center offers a supportive preschool and Pre-K learning environment that promotes the development of critical thinking skills, an awareness of diversity and multiculturalism, and creates a positive academic atmosphere. Our lily  Preschool and Pre-K Classroom foster a child’s development in each domain of language, social, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. The Program also sustains extended and enhanced learning primarily through activities that promote purposeful and structured experiences in a warm, nurturing, peaceful, and loving environment. Joy Garden Creative Center’s daily curriculum includes well defined learning centers that encourage integration of cross curricular content areas. Our routine and education plan promotes self-confidence by offering students endless opportunities to make choices, encourage curiosity and inquiry, use problem solving skills, and generating ideas. Your child will be in a nurturing environment that teaches personal and social development, and self-efficacy. Joy Garden students will be introduced to new concepts for development at each child’s own pace as they are being readily equipped to have a head start for kindergarten. Our preschool and Pre-K Program has been designed with differentiated instruction to meet each child’s individual learning and developmental needs. This concept enhances quality care and ensures a caring, nurturing, and engaging environment for the children as they learn and grow. The Lily Classroom ignites a joy and love for learning. We promote a learning environment where children will acquire the essential tools and skills needed to be successful in both present learning experiences and every future endeavor.

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