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"Amy Chen I would like to introduce to you once again Miss Anna Nowotarski. A Joy Garden Creative Center Alum. And a new 1st Grader!!! 🤣🤣 We have so much appreciation for you and Joy Garden (where it all began 😀😀). Hope you and all your current and new students have a great new year!!"

                     From: Katie Nowotarski

Parent's Remarks:

"My daughter has been in this daycare since 4 years old and she’s 9! That says a lot. Great daycare and. Very trust worthy. Mr. Frank and Ms. Amy are awesome! Happy parent happy child!!"

                    From: Carmencita Tirado

"Our daughter Emma loves her Teachers and friends at Joy Garden. Everyone is so nice and friendly. She has learned so many new things since she has started there."

                     From: Peter Dietrich

"Absolute best decision I've ever made was switching my son to this daycare!!"

                     From: Alisha Christine

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